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Our History

Changzhou Xingmingda Cable Accessory Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at 32 Fenglin North Road, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu. The parent company is Xinda Plastic Cable Co., Ltd., established in 1981. With 40 years of corporate experience, the company is well aware of its social responsibility and mission. In 2018, XMD Cable Accessory Co., Ltd. was established, with a total investment of 36.8 million. It focuses on the development of the extrusion industry.

Our products are positioned as the manufacture and service of communication cable accessories, helping customers reduce the problem of communication cross-talk (ACR) in communication cables. The main products are Teflon Splines, one-word isolation sheet, low smoke halogen-free splines and other conventional cable reinforced splines, as well as various fine extrusion products such as capillaries and solid fine wires.

Since its establishment, the company has taken “integrity, pragmatism, and innovation“ as its corporate philosophy, “customer satisfaction, team assistance, and pursuit of excellence“ as its corporate purpose, and “outstanding in the cable accessory industry, excellent supplier“ as its corporate goal, and has rapidly developed under advanced management systems. Facing the huge demand for cable accessories in the Chinese market and foreign market, the company has established a sales network, actively serves customers, develops products that meet market demands and future development, guides customers to create benefits, and achieves a win-win situation.

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Our Culture

XMD is widely recognized for its history and reputation of collaborating with manufacturers and research and development teams. Today, companies of all sizes trust that when they turn to XMD, they will receive reliable support. XMD can help with process improvement, design issues, material recommendations, prototyping, and quality assurance. The company has its own certified testing and analytical labs with a wide range of materials science capabilities. XMD takes pride in protecting its clients’ reputation, just as they do, and offers unmatched consistency, dependability, and innovation that sets it apart from other companies.

Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

Our Certificates

Throughout the years, XMD has established a reputation as a reliable, high-performing company among its employees, customers, manufacturers, suppliers, industry groups, and the communities where it operates. Its exceptional innovation, smooth cooperation with customers, and unwavering dedication to quality have garnered numerous prestigious awards and recognition over time.

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